Open Compute Ready Data Centre Facility

A data centre build or upgrade can take up a huge amount of resource in
terms of the planning, management and deployment.
Designed in tandem with Open Compute Project (OCP) servers, the data
centre facility project maximizes mechanical performance, thermal and
electrical efficiency. Traditional Data Centres spend more than 40% of their
power consumption on cooling.
The Open compute Data Centre Facility design comprises electrical and
mechanical considerations to maximize on the benefits of using Open
Compute server and Network infrastructure in these facilities.

Atlancis provides both OCP Ready Physical Data Centre solutions and OCP
ready Modular Data Centre (MDC) solutions optimized for OCP hardware.
OCP Ready Data Centres can accommodate standard EIA 19” vanity
Equipment but the advantages that OCP Ready Data Centres provide in
maintainability and scalability is magnified by the OCP hardware.

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