Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Increase Productivity and Mobility in a Single Solution

Ubuntu OPen stack Solution

NomadX VDI Powered by OpenStack and Leostream

NomadX VDI Powered by OpenStack and Leostream uses the Leostream connection broker to provision and manage backend OpenStack platform. Leostream is a lightweight connection broker that can manage virtual desktop environments on Openstack, AWS, Google Cloud platform among others.

  • Ultra-Low TCO compared to VMware VDI
  • No License fees; Minimal annual subscriptions
  • Dynamic allocation of resources
  • Easy environmental management
  • Allowing users to fully manage of resources in their tenants
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Ideal for large deployments with thousands of users.List Item
NomadX powered by VMware Cloud Foundation

NomadX VDI Powered by VMware

NomadX VDI Powered by VMware solution is Atlancis’ pre-packaged integrated VDI solution powered by VMware Horizon or VMware Cloud Foundation and based on a variety of Tier 1 original and Open Compute node types for various end-user requirements including office applications (OA), high- computing (HC) intensive workloads, and three- dimensional (3D) graphic computing.

  • A Pre-Validated Reliable Turnkey VDI Solution
  • Auto-Deployment Tool for Reducing the Complexity of Implementation
  • Pay as You Grow