Software Defined Network

Atlancis Technologies believes in Open Networking practices; hardware and software disaggregation in network devices. All our Networking switch products have ONIE installed and are compatible with tens of Network Operating Systems. The Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) is an open source initiative that defines an open “install environment” for bare metal network switches. ONIE enables a bare metal network switch ecosystem where end users have a choice among different network operating systems.

Why Our Software Defined Network?

Choice of Network Hardware and Software

Datacentre and Enterprise wide NetOps solutions utilize a wide range of disaggregated solutions. Our Atlas range of 1G/10G/40G/100G switches, can be deployed with different certified NOS as required, giving the customer a choice of both hardware and software platforms.


Atlancis builds custom agile, scalable and programmable infrastructure capable of delivering business-critical applications and services rapidly and efficiently and automating Life Cycle management through Infrastructure as code tools Chef, Jenkins and Ansible.

Creating Webscale Networks

Our focus has been to deliver web scale technologies to organizations and partners of any size. SDN enables this to happen at any level; whether you are managing one network device or thousands of devices. Our solutions will get you from Local Area Network (LAN) running to Global Area Network (GAN).

Simplified Management

To truly benefit from SDN, Atlancis and XCloud Networks are bringing cloud experience to operation of private networks. Such that all network configuration can be done purely through XCloud Controller GUI or RESTful API in a declarative way

Migration from Legacy Networks

Not familiar with Cumulus Linux, SONiC or Ubuntu + SwitchDev Network Operating Systems? Not to worry! XCloud agent is a software that runs on top of NOS(Network Operating System) inside the networking equipment.