Today’s enterprises are facing challenging times; adopt to new technologies to gain from digital transformation but be ready to foot the costs. Many companies are not where they need to be in terms of technology adoption due to costs and lack of clear road map; most of which is driven by vanity vendors. ATLANCIS Technologies is helping organizations meet the technology requirements at a fraction of cost and risk. Since Hyperscale technologies are built with performance, Openness and agility in mind, Enterprises, we help Enterprises, of whatever size can take advantage of these. Contact us for a session with a dedicated Technical Account Manager to give you more for less.


Education Institutions have had a long history with the Open communities. Before commercialization of Open source, Education institutions were at the forefront of technology research. Today, Universities and research Institutions are de-facto users of Open Technologies. Atlancis Technologies is enabling learning institutions to be users and adopters of Technology as they fulfil their mandate. In collaboration with various institutions such as Strathmore University, we are keen to work with education sector players that want to explore new technological possibilities that power the world’s biggest companies.

Cloud Computing

It’s no secret that Cloud giants – Facebook, Google, Amazon, Azure etc. – are the greatest beneficiaries of the Open Hardware and Software. There are hundreds of Organizations running cloud start-ups but cannot scale due to the limiting nature of vanity hardware and vendor locked software. To begin your cloud journey – Public, Private or Hybrid – look no further than Atlancis Technologies for these hyperscale solutions. Starting with few Terabytes of Memory and storage, you will be able to scale to hundreds of TBs of Memory and Petabytes of Storage the Hyperscale way; with very little effort. Furthermore, our cloud infrastructure solutions are certified to work with different software vendors such as VMware, Redhat, Canonical (Ubuntu) among others. Our proprietary Servernah Cloud platform can also be deployed at a customer premises as a fully functional self-service cloud. We will go a step further and white-label this to you and make your brand stand-out as you host your customers.

High Performance Computing

The need for astronomical computing resources for Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic research and other fields is driving a rethink of how much power, cooling single rack unit of a server unit spends, and how much compute power it gives. By doing a data centre rethink, the founders of Open Compute “Re-imagined Hardware” to what had not been done before. Using Optimized designs, and being a community of 5000+ engineers, our Servers pack 5x more capacity than vanity brands. Moreover, since components (RAM, disks, CPUs etc.) are sourced directly from the manufacturers, we are able to deliver 5x computing power at half the price and at half the data centre space. If you are thinking scale, working on 40G network is entry level for us and 100G is optimal. All these at a fraction of what you are paying for your 10G switches and pluggables. Don’t just believe, ask for a Quote today!

Public Sector

The natural home for ‘open’ is in the public sector. Governments and quasigovernment organizations are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the ever-decreasing public sector resources. In Europe, most governments have made it mandatory for Government Organizations to use and re-use software made by the public i.e. Public money must be used for Public’s good. Since the maturity of Open Compute hardware, we are happy to work with public sector organizations that are forward looking, and would want to see best value for money. We build Huduma Cloud on Open Compute Hardware and our Servernah Cloud Platform. Are you a Government looking for a government cloud solution? Read the Huduma Cloud case study here.


Software is eating Telco’s. In terms of technology consumption and spend, Telco’s come second to the big Internet companies. It’s therefore extremely important that a Telco should and must have a clear roadmap of managing its technology assets and ensuring that these assets will serve the customer of the future. Atlancis Technologies provides the following solutions, in partnership with leading vendors and contributors of the various initiatives such as Telcom Infra Project (TIP), Open Compute Project (OCP), Open Network Foundation (ONF) among others: Central Office Re-architected as a Data centre (CORD);CrowdCell, Open Cellular, OpenRAN, OpenRAN 5G NR, vRAN, Fronthaul & Wi-Fi;Next Generation Central Office;Our Servernah Cloud technology that enables a Telco/MNOs roll out cloud services