Open Partner Network

As a global leader in Open Compute and Zero-vanity solutions, we are looking for partners that are willing to go the extra mile and deliver for their clients.These organizations must have a long-term approach to giving value for money, are not perversely transactional and have a clear desire towards:

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Openness
  • Impact

Why Partner With us

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Organizations that will take our solutions and build on top of them, effectively creating their own IP. We are open to support these partners in creating value above what we offer.

System Integrators (SI)

SIs create a great value for customers in deploying solutions on their behalf. We are looking for experienced SIs with a good track record that can take new technology innovations to market.

Managed Service Providers

Partners running customers’ technology estates on a managed service basis are encouraged to look at opportunities that our open solutions present. You will be able to save on Capex/Opex whilst giving your clients 5x more capacity.

Telco’s and Mobile Network Operators

Our Telco/MNO partners benefit from a wide range of solutions which they can use internally, offer services to their client or host workloads as CSPs.

Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Are you starting as a CSP? Have you been struggling with which technologies to you that will enable you break even? Apply as a CSP partner and get our Servernah cloud platform. We provide CSPs with complete ‘Cloud in a box’ together with Billing and payment, Orchestration, and self-service.

Become a Partner