Hello! I am Daniel Njuguna, CHEERLEADER!!! Atlancis Technologies.

I recently dropped the tag CEO, at least within the precincts of my organization and started using the title CheerLeader. This move has brought a bag of mixed reactions from my staff, from excitement to curiosity to confusion, as my team isn’t sure of what to make of my new title.

Honestly, I thought this was a no-brainer, something they would easily figure out. After all, what do cheerleaders do other than cheer on their team at all times regardless of the size of the opponent on the field of play?

So, I have decided to break the ice and let my team know why they should get used to the idea of me as their CheerLeader. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” With this in mind, my motivation every day will be to cheer on my team, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. Only by my team being the best they can be, will Atlancis be the best and go to ICT partner to our clients.

Now you know. So, don’t get too shocked one of these fine days when you meet me at the office entrance chanting “Steam! Steam! Panda!”

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